Sunday, May 29, 2011

Correctional Facility

1. An institution used for the betterment of something.
2. Jail

Ah, the time-honored, dramatically introduced , tirelessly overused euphemism "Correctional Facility". This euphemism is commonly used by women who are too ashamed to admit that their offspring has committed a crime/felony, and don't want to face the heat. We all know what it means, but do we ever look into the cracked emotions behind  it? A juror, passively referring to the place of imprisonment as someplace where they can be stripped of their crime ridden ways.  A woman at a book club meeting, not caring to admit that someone they know is in the slammer. A biographical author, trying to better the life of a person once locked in a prison cell.  The bittersweet intentions of this euphemism have long been a low-ranking topic in any person's constantly stirring minds. We all know the meaning, but do we truly understand it? Correctional Facility. Correction. Does it seem like correction to you when a man is sentenced to death? I think not.

P.S. This has nothing to do with my opinions on the death sentence. I merely wish to point out the falsity of this euphemism. I try never to reveal opinions on this blog unless I have a very definite opinion. Thanks, guys!

Poll Results!
1 HP7 Part 2-- 50%
2 Hangover 2-- 37%
3 Thor-- 12%
4 Other-- 0%
Conclusion: We should all get together and see HP7! who's in?


  1. hey, I have a euphenism for you: Rated R. seriously, I watched the hangover part 2, and its a lot worse than R, and i've seen quite a few rated R movies that should be pg13

  2. lol... As I am against movie ratings, and think that I should be able to watch whichever movies I like whenever I want to, I normally choose to ignore such petty ratings that make no sense. The problem with ratings is there are real shitty rules, for instance, when watching a movie in theaters, the next rating up would be the rating for porn, but if you are watching a movie rated R in the theaters on the television, it's probably TV-MA (Television- Mature). Also, as far as language works, if they say fuck a certain number of times than it's R (which has never made sense to me; if you hear the word fuck once, it is equivalent to 20 times right? whatever). So I don't want to do a post, but I hope that helps as far as one.

  3. Harry Potter for the win!!! whoo! p.s we should watch it together so u can explain thngs to me again like you did for part 1 ;) still a bit confuzzled....ikik, i need to read the books blah blah blah. i will though! i promise!

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