Thursday, May 26, 2011

Something to do on Thursdays! (you're welcome)

Okay. It's Thursday, which means the euphemisms shall be put on hold. I will now attempt to concoct for you something worth while to read, now that school is out and you need something to do. From now on, every Thursday shall be dubbed the day in which you can force upon me any wonderful request for me you have, along with me abandoning my usual euphemisms and taking to a more traditional blog form. Life blogs. Blogs where I whine and complain about how I'm really depressed and my life sucks and how I hate people (not naming names) and how I'm in middle school. No.

Since we got out of school today, I want to talk about how great summer is. But that would be boring, so scrub that last sentence and let me start over. Today was eventful. Apart from me being sad about all my wonderful classmates that are leaving Greenhill (Ben, Ashley, Harrison: We <3 you guys on this blog! come anytime!), my friends are all concerned with some issues that are not to be mentioned. I'm going to a beautiful burn tonight, where I will proceed to burn various homeworks I do not wish to be associated with any longer. How did your guys' last day go? Leave a comment!

Thursday Shout-Outs!: 
Ben, Ashley, Harrison (BYE!!! I'm getting tears...)
Rekha (hold on in there girl, thanks for playing Jenga with me <3)
Eric (thanks for being my cash buddy! I couldn't bear to stop playing)
Mrs. Romanovsky (thanks for talking to us while playing Jenga!)
Anurag (Thanks for Inception, it made the day worth while!)
Everyone I didn't say goodbye to: <3 you! H.A.G.S and DFTBA!

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  1. whoa! u completely forgot about me!! loljk. DFTBA Abby. btw, have u seen John's new thoughts form places vid? it's awesome