Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just Powdering My Nose...

1. Putting make-up on (blush, rouge etc.)
2. Using the toilet in its original intended purpose

OBG. Those of you who had the splendid Mr.P know what I'm talking about. I'm not sure what came first, "Powder Room" or "I have to go powder my nose" but I love it. To be fair though, in order to put on make-up you need a mirror, and that mirror is in the bathroom. But that's never the implication. The ever-dainty lady. Never does she have anything to do with excrement. I wonder how funny this would be coming out of a male mouth...

Man 1
(in country accent) I'm gonna get 'nother beer. You want a bottle?
Man 2
(" ") Nah, I just gotta powder my nose.

If one of you guys does this in front of me, I'll pay you a dollar.... I promise.


  1. haha!!! I'll do that infront of you meg!!!!! haha!! I can totally picture u saying that and now i cant stop laughing!!!! lol

  2. woops!! this isnt meg's blog is it!!!! woopsies!!! whoevers this is...sorry!! but ill do that infront of u!! haha