Thursday, June 2, 2011

Film Camp

I love all you guys! Please, Please, Please keep commenting, rating, reaction-ing (???), and voting on my polls. I look forward to seeing anyone going to Mr. Doyle's film camp on monday (oh and meha, check your greenhill email if you haven't responded to him) and will blog as much as I can over the course of that week! ahh! Ok, so I haven't been doing much, really. I have to do this before midnight in order for it to be a thursday post. I'm sure a lot of you were all worried, right? right?...
Thanks so much for reading my blog, and we need to all get together and see Harry Potter! Tell me if you're interested! And not a creeper. Well these shout-outs are gonna be lame.

Thursday Shout Outs!
Meha (Because I won't forget you this time... DFTBA and by the way, I'm reading An Abundance of Katherines by John and it is soooo cute)
Rekha (thanks for watching the Bachelorette be a dimwit with me)
My Blogging Friends (Eric, Liam, Alexandria, Jordan, Meg, Dena, Meha, Rekha: keeping it real)
Mia (thanks for confusing my blog with Meg's. <3 haha)
Audrey (thanks for laughing at Dr. Who with me... sexii hahahahah)
Jordan (thanks for always being on Skype)


  1. ya i responded to his email :) im SOOOOOO excited for Mr. Doyle's film camp! can't wait to see you! xoxoxo miss u abby!

  2. Cant wait for film camp!! and thanks 4 listing me... :( lol jk

  3. u need 2 list MEEEEE!!!!! and i like to keep refreshing the page and watch the little counter go up...haha prob like 50 of the views is just me refreshing over and over... im so ADD